Sd2iec crt files

Sd2iec crt files

I think I know the pros and cons of them both. They both have about the same price, i just need to decide. The Easyflash 3 has now been updated and you can now flash the cartridge with and usb cord connected to your pc, but the space is limited but you will probably have room for all your favorite games and more.

So witch one should i buy? What do you recommend? Easyflash is more compelling now with the Kernal capabilities. I may end up getting one. That gives you the easy DOS commands and loads programs very quickly. And there are a bunch of software that will work for the sd2iec product.

The problem is sometimes finding it Anything with a protection will most likely crap out. The EF brings with it an element of mystery for us non technical doods. Special carts like Super Snapshot 5, alternate kernels like Jiffy Dos, usb data transfer, and built in reset doesn't hurt.

A Swiss army knife of capabilities. As a side note, some of the old games that took eons to load, are nicer faster to play in crt form. Good luck. If only one, I would get the Easyflash. Once you get it set up it is really a nice product. I think the compatibility issue is over played. You can't run protected software, but you can't run those on an Easyflash either, or anything besides a real drive or a Ultimate. You need games or other programs that are in file format and unprotected and a lot of them are available in collections of cracked programs in D64 collections that work.

There are some efforts going on to release versions of programs for both systems that might not ordinarily work due to multi-disk issues or something else. I have a Ultimate II also, which is another reason I haven't tried to play around with another disk replacement alternative like the EF3.

Games in D81 format for SD2IEC device

Just because its simpler to transfer new files to an SD card. Im only going to use it for gaming. EF3 lets you do things that you simply can't do with other hardware, like use alternate kernals without opening the case, and playing large EasyFlash images which in at least one case Prince of Persia simply cannot be played on any other hardware. As i said before i only use my c64 for gaming, no programming. I dont know much about alternative kernals for the c SD2IEC devices support it. Ok thats good!While the device is awesome, I felt the documentation was less than stellar.

And that led me to put together this resource to help others who are first experimenting running SD Cards on the Commodore series of computers. This is not the parallel version used on the Commodore PETs, but rather a stripped down serial version that was designed specifically for the consumer lines.

The IEC serial bus is used for many different types of peripherals, the most common two being printers and disk drives. The tape drive was also on this serial bus, albeit on a different physical connector.

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This allows Commodore computers to read and write to SD cards rather than than 5. Additionally an SD card is far more reliable and less prone to damage as compared to floppies. At least a nice PDF you can download right? One word of caution as I found out quickly, you need to use a smaller card.

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I tried several 32, 64, and GB cards that were laying in my drawer and none of them were compatible. I wound up purchasing a Transcend five pack of these 2GB cards from Amazon on they worked perfect first try. Another recommendation is not to use an SD card which has been previously used for some other operating system such as a Raspberry Pi. Again, I just recommend buying a new card. Once the card is formatted its now ready to be prepared for use. Although these programs are not strictly needed, they do make the task much simpler.

On some versions of Windows it has been reported that the Explorer will add an extension to the file. If this happens you will need to rename the file and remove everything including the period. EXE or FB It is recommended that you create directories and drop the files into them. This is especially true if you have a multi-disk game.

sd2iec crt files

Games like the Ultima series of role-playing games come on several disks and will be much easier to play if they are in their own directory. LST file, but more on that later. Strictly speaking though, directories are optional and you can place all D64 images right in the root of the SD card along with the FB64 program.

You can find many ready to download D64 images just by doing a quick Google search. Once your there turn off the computer and unplug the power connector from it. One is powered from the user port, while the other is powered from the tape port. Regardless, the connector is labeled with a top and bottom side. Make sure top is up and plug it into the corresponding port on your Commodore computer. If you also bought a Fastload Reloaded cartridge, now is the time to install it.

It simply plugs into the cartridge port of the Commodore While this is completely optional it will dramatically increase the speed of loaded software from the SD2IEC or even a real disk drive. Note: I highly recommend if this is your first time using the SD2IEC that you have any other peripherals disconnected. Do not install modems, daisy chain disk drives, printers, or other devices with the SD2IEC installed until you know everything is working correctly.

Simply type the following commands:. Use the cursor keys to browse the menu to select the disk image you want to mount and then simply select the program in that disk image that you wish to load and press return. The next screen will show you the contents of the disk image you just selected to mount.

Select the file you want to open and press return. In a matter of just a few seconds you should see your game on the screen and ready to play!

In my case I am playing Spelunker, one of my all time favorite C64 games even if it was ridiculously hard to win.Hatte gerade nix zu tun und habe mal die aktuelle Firmware 0. Bei mir will NewBoot die Bin-Datei nicht fressen. Hat jemand eine Idee, voran das liegt? Zur Zeit habe ich eine 0. Ja, schon bemerkt - p funzt net so wie es soll Hab mir ein passendes Display angeklemmt, die Fuses korrekt gesetzt, das Bin geflasht Alle Leitungen durchgeklingelt, auch da keine Fehler.

Nennt mich Depp. Wenn man einen neuen Atmel mit der neuen Firmware betankt, sollte man anschliessend auch den neuen Atmel benutzen und nicht den alten drinlassen Die Grundplatine basiert auf meinem Streifenraster-Layout, welches wiederum auf den Lochrasteraufbau basiert. Alles wurde dann mit Flachbandkabeln verbunden. Dann habe ich die von Seanser gepatchte Firmware auf den P gebrannt, eingebaut, Kontrast eingestellt und alles funktionierte auf anhieb.

Sieht ja Super aus. Quote from Vorph. Gute Arbeit, super! Quote from CrazyIcecap. Quote from Smaug. Naja, das larsP-Layout kenne ich, mir gings um die Verdrahtung des Displays Quote from Seanser.

C64 - SD2IEC Setup including Multi Disk Games

Quote from Unseen. Quote from CapFuture So jetzt noch ein paar Bilder:.Cookie Policy Our website uses cookies. By using our website, you consent to our use of cookies in accordance with our Cookies Policy.

Click here to learn about cookie settings. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. To keep your file structure neat, create directories for your files.

Something like this. You can perform a disk swap if you need to, but you also can avoid the need to in the first place!

sd2iec crt files

This should load and run filebrowser. To navigate the menu either use cursor keys or Joystick in port2. LST file, then press Q to quit filebrowser. Now press the diskswap button to select the first disk button nearest the data cable. LST file, it will loop back to the beginning of the list.

These commands can be entered from Basic as well as from your freezer card menu. OPEN1,new address,15,"XW":close1 - this will save settings to eeprom required if you want to set new device address as default. If you have any problems formatting your SD card, try the official SD Card formatting tool found here. This is how your Commodore deals with upper and lower case. It's best to make sure your filenames are all lowercase if you want an easy read!

SD2IEC loading speeds are the same as a real But it can be sped up by fastload roms or cartridges.

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JiffyDos is the best overall fastloader solution available for most Commodore computers, but JiffyDos is a ROM chip that needs to be installed inside your computer. This does mean that you might have to use a soldering iron if your ROM is not in a socket. Another solution is cartridges. FCIII can be pricey but it does support freezing. EFLr can be found here. This has been fixed an alpha release of the firmware. A special thanks to Johan for getting to the bottom of this.

Alpha releases can be found here www. Sign Up for Our Newsletter:. I agree to my personal data being stored and used to receive the newsletter.Choisissez votre affichage :. Adventure 1 - Mutant Spiders, The 19xx. Adventure 3 - Fourth Sarcophagus, The 19xx. Adventure Creator Spinnaker Software.

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Avenger Commodore [a]. Badlands Domark. Badlands Domark [a]. Basex Peter Finch. Batman - The Movie Ocean Software. Batman - The Movie Ocean Software [a]. Battle Command Ocean Software.

sd2iec (firmware)

Battle Command Ocean Software [a]. Battlezone Atari. Beamrider Activision. Black Copy Box 19xx. Blue Print Commodore.

Bridge 64 Handic Software. Bridge 64 Handic Software [a]. Bubble Burst Spinnaker Software. Buck Rogers - Planet of Zoom Sega. Buck Rogers - Planet of Zoom Sega [a2]. Buck Rogers - Planet of Zoom Sega [a]. Bug Crusher Peter Nissley.This manual applies to both EasyFlash and EasyFlash 3. EasyProg is a program for the C EasyProg can be found from downloads.

On EasyFlash 3, EasyProg asks to select a slot. Slot 0 - System Area should only to be selected when updating EasyFlash 3. See EF3 Update. Of course this file must be on a media which can be read using the C For example this could be a disk for the or an SD card in sd2iec device.

Now the data is written to the cartridge. Depending on the size of the file, the speed of the drive and whether the built-in fast loader is compatible with the drive this may take a minute or more than 20 minutes.

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That's why there are some flickering stripes on the screen during this process. After resetting the machine the cartridge should start up. On EasyFlash the boot switch or jumper must be in the right position to enable this. On EasyFlash 3 the new cartridge should appear in the EF3 menu.

Functions that are only available for EasyFlash 3 can not be selected when using EasyFlash. By selecting M MenuA Erase all the flash memory can be erased completely.


In order to use EF3 after this operation, the EF menu has to be rewritten back to the flash memory. To check whether the right data has been written, the keys E ExpertX Hex viewer start a viewer for the flash memory content. Das ist eine private Internetseite. Wenn der Leser dazu fachlich nicht qualifiziert ist, darf er die Anleitungen, Hardware bzw. Software von dieser Seite nicht verwenden. What is EasyFlash. What is EasyFlash 3. Why did we make it?

sd2iec crt files

About us.Choisissez votre affichage :. Action Cartridge Plus MK 7. Action Cartridge Plus v6. Action Replay v4. Action Replay v5. Action Replay v6. Action Replay v7. Adventure Creator Spinnaker Software. Atomic Power Cartridge v1. Black Copy Box 19xx. Mon H.

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